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This page is designed to help inform United Methodists of news and happenings as a denomination, and as a congregation of the Texas Annual Conference. We trust every member to make their own faith decision and do not post here in an effort to persuade, except for Jesus Christ. Thank you for your patience and desire for “holy conference” on challenging issues, and for your celebration when we get it right as a Christian people!

The United Methodist Church

The Texas Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church

The Northwest District of the Texas Annual Conference

The Global Methodist Church (launched May 1, 2022)

Bishop Jones: Navigating the Waters with Grace and Respect

Northwest District Training at Lakeview: Local Church Disaffiliation Information

Texas Annual Conference Resource Page on Congregational Disaffiliation

Texas Annual Conference 2022 May 29-June 1, 2022

Texas Annual Conference 2022 Laity Session Panel Discussion